Welcome to Open Hearts Matchmaking

micheleWhy Open Hearts?

“A Personal Touch”

Open Hearts Matchmaking, LLC, is a boutique matchmaking experience where our team has a hands-on approach, treating you as if we are searching for ourselves. Through working with us and utilizing the tools we provide to you, we will enable you to embrace your journey in love.

What Do We Do?

We listen to your wants and needs and react to them based upon where you are in life to progress you down your custom path to dating, companionship or a life partner. Our team is your personal concierge following you every step of the way from a first presentation to setting up dating logistics followed with in-depth feedback and coaching techniques to personalize and enrich your journey in love.

How do we do it?


How Do We Do It?

We work on varying levels:

  • Helping to fine-tune your wants, visions and expectations

  • Offering services to renew and rejuvenate yourself for success

  • Searching for truly compatible matches

  • Guiding you through the dating process by alleviating the stress and due diligence of meeting someone for the first time

  • Providing you with advice and coaching for positive and meaningful connections enabling you to feel joy and happiness in the process instead of fear and/or frustration

  • Encouraging you before, during and after your pursuit of love

We don’t just match hearts together we coach them!



We will coach you moving forward

Coaching is a way for us to help you connect with your strengths and show those you meet the best part of you.  Going to a restaurant or venue to meet a new person can be stressful.  Our goal is to remove these stresses and show professional and proven ways to make a date fun again.  With busy lives as professionals and singles it is sometimes hard to know what things to do and don’t do.  Let us simplify that for you.

Talk to us about ways we can make you ready for the future open heart

Open Hearts Matchmaking helps you locate spa’s, gym’s, restaurants and other venues you might now have time to research for.  We want to make sure that first date is perfect, so that you can spend more time learning about this other person you are meeting with.  We keep it simple for you…and enjoyable…All you need to do is


Why is Open Hearts Matchmaking Different


Why are we different?

Excellent question!  Our Matchmakers are professionals like you that were once looking for love, or still currently are.  We know the difficulties of finding the correct person for you.  We take the time to learn about you and what you are really looking for.  We do not post your portfolio online or send someone a picture and a card.  We keep it professional, personal and confidential.

Our goal is to make sure you not only find the perfect fit for you, but that you have fun doing so. Not only is it fun to go out and enjoy restaurants, beaches, sports clubs and other venues.  But, it should be fun getting ready for those dates, not stressful.  We don’t believe any relationship should be created with angst or anxiety.  Call us today and Open your Heart!